9Mobile is one of the best networks in which
many people like for browsing, but the price of
their data bundle is slim high. As we know the
normal 9Mobile smartphone monthly plan of
2.5GB cost N2000 and to get 10GB data
bundle on 9Mobile will cost you about N8000,
but I'm here today to teach/flash you back on
how you can easily get the 10GB Data plan for
just N2000 on the 9Mobile network!
The offer is not new, this has been saving  lives
since 1900BC. It is one of 9Mobile official
data plan and it was identified as cheapest/
affordable data plans in Nigeria.
It is an interesting fact that 9mobile, Nigeria's
fourth largest network operator, offers you the
option to subscribe for 1GB for N200 data.
This has been working for many months ago
and sometimes been called Ramadan Special
Offer because the plan was unleashed during
the 2017 Ramadan period. The plan doesn’t
zap, and best recommended for everyone. The
validity period for this plan is just 3 days, in
which you can resubscribe again once it

In other words, you can get 5GB of data for
just N1000 on the 9mobile network to last you
for 15 days and 10GB for N2000 to last you
for 30days. I do this every 3 days for N200,
adding it up in a month, making N2, 000 for
10GB, you can accumulate as many times as
you wish but no auto renewal like the normal
data plan from 9mobile.

To Subscribe to 9Mobile 1GB Data for N200
✓ Recharge your line with N200 and dial
*929*10# to activate the offer.
✓ Subscription is valid for 3 days.
✓ Dial *228# to check your data balance.
You may be receiving error messages when
trying to activate the plan, just keep dialing the
code and you will surely be activated for the
Let's do the simple mathematical calculation
30÷3 = 10
This means you will pay N200, 10times to get
10GB for 30 days. This  cannot be compared
with the normal plan of N200 for 100MB or
150MB data.  E ven the grand masters of data,
Glo offer just 8.7GB for N3000, so this is the
Just that the plan was limited to the small
number of 9Mobile SIMs, which cause a
headache for most people who are yet to
benefit from the plan. Thank God, we have got
the means for everyone to enjoy the offer.
Simply check this link for the detail: 9Mobile
Special Offer of N200 for 1GB Data: How to
Make Ineligible Sim to Eligible for the Offer
In my observation of 9mobile network speed, it
is faster in areas that cover 4G LTE and it’s
available in almost all locations.
The 9Mobile Special offer is not something
new, it has been posted much time on this
blog for all the audience to benefit from it as
it's one of the cheapest that plan at this
moment, some are rocking it codedly while
others are busy draining the server of ntel  data
in locations available since it offers you free
10GB data  on any SIM purchased ( ntel  WAWU
If you don’t have a 9Mobile SIM , you can
simply get one for yourself and join the train.
Let us know via the comment if you are
currently rocking this plan on the 9Mobile