There's roughly six months until the 2019 iPhone
launch, and the rumour mill is running wild. In this
article we look ahead to the next flagship iPhone,
discussing and predicting the new device's release
date, design, new features, tech specs and price.
It's emerged that Apple has filed a patent for a
foldable iPhone that heats itself to avoid damaging
the screen, while yet more sources point to a
triple-lens camera in a square design . And patent
activity points to health features that could smell
out low blood sugar .
In separate articles we look at the 2019 iPhone XR
update , and rumours of a 5G iPhone . And if you'd
prefer advice related to the current range, have a
look at our iPhone buying guide and roundup of
the best iPhone deals.
Release date
We expect three new iPhones (with three different
screen sizes ) to be announced in September 2019.
The onsale date will be a few weeks later.
Apple is a creature of habit when it comes to
iPhone launches, and has released new handsets
every autumn for the past eight years. (The only
exception was the iPhone SE in spring 2016, but
the newly announced 25 March event would be too
early to expect the next iPhone XS. An iPhone SE
2, on the other hand...)
We also don't expect any iPhone news at WWDC
2019 on 3 June, even though the iPhone 3G and
3GS were unveiled at WWDC events. Apple hasn't
talked about phones in the summer since 2009.
Here are the prices for the iPhone XS:
iPhone XS (64GB): £999/$999
iPhone XS (256GB): £1,149/$1,149
iPhone XS (512GB): £1,349/$1,349
After the hefty price rises of the past couple of
years we're hopeful that Apple will try to stabilise
things this time around, and get the iPhone 2019
out at a similar starting price. But we will add that
the company is more likely to achieve this in the
US than in the UK; Britain is scheduled to leave the
European Union in 2019, and political uncertainty
may lead to a loss of confidence in the pound,
and consequent price rises for UK customers
buying imported goods.
New iPhone design
In this section we look at some of the new design
changes coming to iPhone design, whether for
utility, protection or sheer cosmetic beauty.
Triple-lens camera
Twin-lens rear cameras are looking increasingly
old-fashioned - by the end of 2019 we expect most
new Android handsets to have three lenses on the
back - and a widely repeated rumour holds that
Apple is going to step up its game in this area.
The earliest image of this was posted by prolific
leaker OnLeaks, and shows the three lenses and
the flash arranged in an irregular square. He
emphasised in a subsequent tweet, however, that it
was "a freakingly [sic] early leak and thus, things
may change until official launch". He further added,
when comments expressed dislike of the design,
that "it will look much smaller" in real life.
In our leaked photos section we look at images of
the new iPhone's triple cameras in a square
design, as well as in the horizontal design that
some find more plausible.
The respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has
backed up the triple-lens theory in an investor note
released in Feb 2019. Digitimes , meanwhile,
reports that Largan Precision, which makes iPhone
camera lenses, "remains optimistic about adoption
of 3-lens or more modules for flagship smartphone
models and will continue expanding its production