This data can be used to browse on any
device, and also it has no limitation i.e you can
use it to browse on any browser or application
be it chrome, facebook, whatsapp, instagram,

But you should note that this offer is only for
some selected sims just like the mtn free
100mb free data which i posted about 2days
ago. But the question now is how do you know
If you are qualified for this Mtn 1GB free data
or not?

How To Know If Your Sim Is Qualified
For Free 1GB Data From MTN NG

Well, there are two ways to know if you are
qualified for this free data offer, these are:
1. If you are qualified, MTN will send you a
message confirming the free 1Gb data on your
phone. The message will look like below;
"Congratulations! You have FREE 1GB
data to chat on WhatsApp and browse
your favorite websites. Bonus is valid for
7 days. Dial *559*4# to view bonus".
2. If you do not receive message from MTN,
you can do it manually by Dialing *559*4# on
your mtn line and you'll be able to confirm
whether you were given the Free 1GB data or
Remember I said earlier that this offer is only
for some selected sims, so in case you don't
receive the free data, you can try it on any
other MTN Sim.