Here is another blazing Airtel free browsing for the Airtel users in the house. If you have an Airtel line, this is the time to dust it up and flex this latest free browsing cheat that is currently blazing. The cheat requires the use of the now popular Hammer VPN app. Follow these steps below and enjoy.

Android Phone
Airtel 3G/4G Sim
Default Airtel APN Settings
Hammer VPN app, which you can

Airtel Hammer VPN Settings
Select protocol As UDP
Click on advance settings
Now set Rport 1194
Lport 9201
Click on the “connect” button
Allow Hammer VPN to create a VPN service on your Android device. Now, enjoy your free Airtel browsing.

Alternative Airtel Hammer VPN Settings
Start by opening the Hammer VPN app and select any (DE or NL) free server.

Then set;

Rport: 53
Lport: 0
Connection Protocol: UDP
That’s all the settings you need. Now hit connect when you are done. If you see Authenticating step it will be get connected.

Just in case you are not connected, you can try any of the ports listed below in place of the Rport: 53, 443, 137, 1194, 49200, 49201, 49202, 9200 or 9201.

Third Option
Just in case any of the above doesn’t work, then you can try this option below.

Start by opening the app and select any premium server (Important!) for testing.
Put Rport: 443 or 53 or 80 Lport: 0
Connection Protocol: TCP code
Now click on “Advance” button; Now you will be prompted to enter the settings.
Check (Enable) Use proxy for TCP connection option. Now configure further settings as follows.
Proxy host:
Proxy port: 8080
Header:$$Connection: Keep-Alive

Finally, click save, and then change to any free server and hit connect.

Now enjoy and share with your friends. Please drop your comment, suggestion and contribution via the comment box below.