Most of the times when our phone gets faulty, it's
always by accident. Sometimes the phone shows
signs but must of the times it's accidental.
Let's assume your smart phone accidentally falls on
the ground and the phone's display screen is
cracked or it's just showing a blank white/black
color or if the phone refuse to come on due to virus
attack or someother factors. How do you get the
important files on the phone? You can restore all
your precious photo, videos, documents and audio,
this might be a bit stressful.
I will show you a perfect way to extract data from
your damaged phone (this method can only work
for Samsung phones).

▪How can I recover data from a
broken Samsung device?

We store precious data like our contacts, messages,
photos and videos so that we can easily look back
on our memories, the times we spent with people
special to us, the things we have done etc. But
when your phone gets damaged(probably beyond
repair), all those memories, important documents,
all gone(well that's if you stored them on your
phone's internal memory). You will be anxious to
get those files back.
Unlike photos and videos that can be stored on
external drives(SD card or mermory card), contacts
and messages can't be stored on external drives.
When your phone is damaged and you are unable to
repair it or find a means of recovering your data, it
means all your data may be lost permanently.
With the help of this third party app, you will be
able to recover all the data on the damaged phone
(except installed applications).

▪Features of this third party
1. It can help you fix your damaged phone
2. It can help you extract your data from the
damaged phone.
▪How to extract data from damaged
Samsung device

This application can only recover data from
Samsung phone(It will be available for other phone
soon) that have broken screen, shows blank color
on the screen, not responding or forgotten
1. Download and install WonderShare Dr.fone
2. Connect your damaged phone to your computer
3. Launch Wondershare Dr.fone
4. Click on Data Extraction(Damaged Device)
5. Select the type of files you want to recover and
click on Next
6. Select the problem that matches your phone
7. Select your device name and model, click on
8. Manually type Confirm in the box to confirm your
device model
9. follow the guides
Switch off your device
Press and hold the volume down +
home button + power button.
Press the volume up to enter
download mode
WonderShare Dr.fone will automatically extract data
from the damaged Samsung device.
WonderShare Dr.fone can only extract data that are
on the device, it cannot extract deleted data.