9mobile special socialpak (specialpak) gives 2gb
for 700naira which would have been a bad offer
considering the fact that it can be used for only
social media, but now that we can use it for all
applications than I think it will be a good offer for
somepeople if not everyone.


1. AnonyTun VPN mod
2. Your 9mobile sim
3. Your defualt APN settings.

How to use 9mobile special
socialpak data for all application

1. Subscribe for 9mobile special socialpak ,
700naira for 2gb data (*343*6*12#)
2. Download, Install and lunch AnonyTun VPN
3. Tap on settings
4. Toggle on Stealth Tunnel
5. Change connection protocol to HTTP and Port to
6. Turn on Payload
7. Click on edit custom TCP/HTTP header
8. In URL/Hos t, type in viber.com
9. Set Request method to POST
10. In the Extra Header s section, tick Online Host,
Forward Host and Keep-Alive , then tap on Save and
tap on Start.
It will take a few seconds to connect, after it must
have connected, lunch your browser and surf the
internet with your special socialpak data.