MTN Nigeria is really taking the data plan to th
next level of affordability with the latest and
cheapest data bonus. The bonus data is to let
customers who have dumped their SIM to start
using it again.

With just N1000 you can get a massive data plan of 29GB
from MTN and the good news is that it's valid for 30 days!
Note: Activation is risky and if it didn’t work for you, kindly
bear it. Make sure the N1,000 is your spare money before
activation. I don’t want to hear a story that touches the
heart. Remember, in seeking truth you have to get both
sides of a story.

The downside of it is that it selects SIM and you have to risk
the N1,000 to activate it because of its eligibility screening.
How Can I Get The MTN 29GB for Just #1000
The code works best on dormant sim cards. If you have not
used your MTN SIM in over 30 days, Simply;
* Look for where ever you dumped your MTN sim, quickly find
it now and insert it back into your phone.
* Kindly dial *131*65# to know if you are eligible for the offer.
* Then, choose the N1,000 for the 4GB data plan and

* If it says, “You are not eligible“ , that means you need to
look for another SIM to try it, but if it says, “Insufficient
Balance“ , you can proceed to the next step, by loading the
N1,000 airtime (do not transfer) and you'll be giving 29GB
worth of data with just 1k only.
* After successful activation, you can check your data
balance with *131*4# and you will see 29GB of data smile
to you.
Note that the offer will last you for a complete 3 months!
Don't forget to drop your comment if it works for you.