Note: You can’t share Bonus given to you by
MTN, You can only share Data you subscribed

How To Share Data On MTN

To get started, simply Subscribe to any MTN D
plans and follo below instructions to share;
1. Dial 131*2*1# or text REG to 131 to register
MTN Data Share, you will receive a unique secu
2. You are required to change the system gener
PIN to a new PIN you can easily remember by
dialing *131*2*5# or sms Change OLD_PIN
NEW_PIN NEW_PIN to 131. E.g Change 0000
1234 to 131. Where 0000 is old PIN and 1234
your new PIN.
3. After changing the PIN, you are required to a
beneficiaries to your MTN shared Data Bundle
account via USSD menu *131*2*2# or sms Ad
131. You can add up to 5 beneficiaries at a tim
4. Once you have added beneficiaries, you (the
sponsorer) will be able to share your available
bundle among the added beneficiaries by sendi
keyword Share to 131 or dial USSD
code *131*2*3# .
Note: You cant share less than 1gb data.

How To Share Data On 9mobile

It’s simple and straight forward, follow the
belowprocedure to transfer data between etisala
Dial *299*Reciepient’s Phone Number*Data am
(in MB)*PIN#
For instance, Let's say you wish to share 50MB
bundle with 08091234567, all you have to do is
dial *229*08095256634*50*0000#
Note that I used “0000” as the PIN above beca
it is the default 9mobile data share PIN and yo
replace that value with your PIN if you have
previously changed it.
And that’s it with sharing your
internet data bundle with another 9mobile line.

How To Share Data Bundle On Airtel Sim
1. To transfer 10MB, simply dail
*141*712*11*recipient number#
e.g; *141*712*11*08126629049#
2. To transfer 25MB dial; *141*712*9*recipient
3. To transfer 60MB dial; *141*712*4*recipient
How To Share Data On Glo Network
* To Share/Add kindly dial *777*1*3*1*receive
Glo number#
* TO Remove; dial *777*1*3*2*receiver's glo
Or just dail *777# and follow the options that
popup on your phone screen.
If you want to know the number of people you'r
sharing your data plan with,
dial *127*00# so as to get a list of them.