How to Convert MOV to Mp4

Step 1: add MOV file to the converter
Launch the wondershare video converter
ultimate. then click Add files to add the file
going to convert or you can simply drag the
file. put it on the converter field. Note that you
can convert more than one files at the same
Step 2: Edit the video before convert into
another format
Select the video you want to edit and choose
the editing icon under the thumbnails. This
converter provides you the options of cropping,
adding subtitles, merging and other editing
options. After editing the video you can see the
preview of your video.
Step 3: compress MOV videos and select the
output format
Click the down arrow to enter the output
format. then select the video tab to choose
MP4 on the left sidebar. You can click create
the custom option to create the customized
Step 4: start to convert MOV video to
Mp4 format
Just click convert all that’s it. your selected
files will be automatically converted into Mp4
format. now you have to wait and hit output at
the bottom to watch the video.
These are all the steps followed in this
software to convert MOV to Mp4 format.
The other functions of
wonder share video
Edit video
Compress video
Record video
DVD burner
Edit video
Editing video through the wonder share video
converter is followed by simple steps. simply
select the video you want to edit and hit the
editing icon under the video thumbnail. This
software provides you the editing feature of
clipping, cropping, merging and adding
subtitles for the user.
Compress video
Launch the wonder share MOV compressor.
then click the toolbox icon and choose the
video compressor option.
The compressor vide window will appear with
the plus icon and then click the plus icon to
import files from desktop
Record video
Click the record button on the upper left side
corner if the download is failed.
The screen recorder window pop up to another
window to frame the size of the video is going
to record
To see the whole record settings Click the
drop-down button. you can set the timer, short
cut and other general information such as
frame rate, quality, and location
Click the REC button to start recording
When the video playing is finished, you can
click the stop button on the right side of the
recording taskbar. stop recording or you can
use the escape, the ctrl+f6 short cut to stop
the video.
After that it promote the finished tab
immediately you can see the recorded video on
the top.
DVD burner
Run wonder share video converter and hit burn
icon on the top then you have three options to
load videos
Click add file button to select the video from
your local computer
Go to convert > converted to find the video
going to be burned then right click on it and
choose to add to burn list
That’s all these are all the simple few steps to
burn the DVD in wonder share video converter
We can convert through online from the free
move to mp4 online converter:
Now you have the clear idea about how to
handle the wonder share video converter
ultimate. From the above discussion, we are
discussed what is wonder share video converter
software and how it is used to edit the video
and record the videos. I hope you all enjoy this
content thank you.