Amazon has been listed as the world’s most
valuable brand ahead of Apple and Google. The
new ranking see the Retail giant ending the 12-
year run of both Google and Apple as the top
brands. The company is currently valued at $315
billion, follow by Google and Apple value around
309$ billion. This is followed by Microsoft which
is valued at $251B. VISA comes fifth with $177B
and Facebook with a $158B value.

Details of the list shows that 8 out of the 10
companies are American companies. The other
two companies are McDonald’s and AT&T, which
located on the 9th and 10th positions
respectively. Completing the list and occupy the
7th and 8th position, is Chinese Alibaba Group
with a $131B value and Tencent with $130B
value. Out of all listed brands, only Facebook
and Tencent have seen a year-over-year decrease
in brand value – -27% for the Chinese company
and -2% for Mark Zuckerberg’s social media

Although Amazon may be world’s most valuable
company, Microsoft is currently the biggest
company, with around $1,016B. The list is
followed by Amazon with $916B, Apple with
$751B and Google’s Alphabet with $750B.