Is it even possible to chat without data/Internet
connection? Well the answer depends on what you
are referring to because it's totally possible, you can
chat with your friends using SMS which is
expensive.In today's post you will learn how to chat
without data using Bluetooth with Zero cost.
Bluetooth chat is an application on Play store, it has
attain a massive download of over 100k. Bluetooth
chat was developed by Glodanif.

This Bluetooth chat application might not seem
special because it works based on bluetooth and
I'm guessing you already know bluetooth can not
connect with other bluetooth devices at some
certain range. Well, that's the only disadvantage of
this Bluetooth chat. it will be useful for travellers to
chat between tents, students in a place without wi-fi
connection or any possible situation.

How to chat without Internet
connection using bluetooth

1. You have to download the bluetooth chat
application from play store.

2. Download, install and lunch the bluetooth chat
app, fill the required form and save

3. To chat with your friend, make sure his/her
phone bluetooth is turned on. on your device, click
on scan.

4. After confirmation on the other device, as usual,
you will be asked to pair.
After all the necessary process, you can now chat
with your friend(s) using bluetooth.