20Bids is another application with affiliate offer.
Unlike GidiMo, 20bids is not for educational
purpose, it's more like an online store.

20bids is a platform that review
products online from market places
like ebay, amazon, jumia, alibaba etc.

We've partner with these ecommerce
companies to bring more value to
various categories of product i.e
brands of essential products the ones
we deem fit as evergreen product
which are always in demand

20bids aim according to their site is to provide
customers all the information's they need to know
about their favourite essential product.
If you want to know more, visit their official site

How to get your 500mb from

1. Download the app 

2. Register on the application. During the
registration, you will be asked for zip code, use any
6digits(you can google for zip codes).

3. After successful registration on the application

4. Open chrome/firefox on your phone or pc but
preferably pc.

5. Login to your account and claim your 500mb data.
It can take up to 24hours before you receive your
data reward.