Huawei’s 5G Smart Core Network Solution has
won the “Best 5G Core Network Technology”
award 2019 at the 5G Global Summit held in
London. The company’s 5G smart core network
is based on native cloud, connection + edge
computing technologies. It is the first core
network in the industry that truly supports
2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA deep integration.

It supports software-based three-layer
decoupling, stateless design, cross-DC
deployment, micro-service, grayscale upgrade,
and other key technologies. Based on a
distributed architecture with transfer separation,
the core supports one-stop user-side plug and
plays, scheduling heterogeneous on demand. It
also supports edge computing for fast integration
with third-party applications.

Huawei said it has obtained a total of 46 5G
commercial contracts worldwide as of June 2019
and has carried out a series of cross-industry
cooperation in the fields of smart grid, VR/AR,
car networking, telemedicine, and intelligent
manufacturing. In addition, a patent analysis
firm, IPLytics statistics, shows that as of March
2019, Chinese manufacturers patent application
for “standard essential patent (SEP)” in the 5G
field accounts for 34% globally. Among them,
Huawei ranked first in the world with 1554
“standard essential patents”.

The company is still facing sanctions from the
US government, but still managing to keep its
head above water. After been suspended by
Google from using its Android OS, Huawei hopes
to unveil its own developed Oak OS comes
September this year.