This cheat has been working for a while now and
it's not unlimited. Half loaf of bread is better than
none, right?

According to recent updates, 24clan VPN is the new
version or probably a re-mod version of
tweakerware VPN. 24clan VPN is like every other
VPN application, it helps protect your privacy but
when combined with an MTN sim card it allows you
to access most sites(iKf not all) for free and even
download files. This might be as a result of
vulnerability in the VPN but that doesn't matter.


1. 24Clan VPN
2. MTN sim card without an active data plan.
3. Your android device.
How to use24clan VPN pro for free
browsing on MTN.

This VPN does not require much setting. as usual,
Tweakerware VPN has a lot of frequent
disconnections, since 24clan VPN is the re-mod of
tweakerware VPN, you might also experience
frequent disconnections.

1. Install and lunch 24clan VPN pro.
2. Click on the second box and select any of MTN
0.0k free server.
3. Click on connect. That's all.
It might take a few seconds to connect. MTN free
browsing with 24clan VPN is capped at 50mb daily.