Hey guys, there is a new trick to
clear your debt or clear all the money you
borrowed from mtn with just a token of just
#50. This has been tested and confirmed 100%
working. This is a new mtn airtime Cheat 2019,
fresh and very efficient to clear mtn borrowed.
How To Clear Your Debt On MTN For Free
Using MTN Airtime Cheat 2019

1. Migrate To MTN Mpulse
First of all, you have to migrate to MTN
mpulse by dailing *344 *1# , then select 1.
2. Generate Your Mpulse Pin
To do this, dail *344#, SELECT oprion 5 , then
SELECT 8. Input the following details below;
* SIM Details
* Your NAME
* Date of Birth and others

You should now get your self-care PIN , which
is the pin sent to your MTN Line after
submitting the details above and registering.
3. Child Number

Lastly, Add Child Number and Gift 50 Naira to
the line that is owing.

Note: The CHILD NUMBER is the number that
has been used to borrow the airtime, and the
self-care is the pin sent to your MTN SIM after
registering in STEP 2.
Please Note, the second line must be on

Declaimer: Although this trick has been
confirmed 100% working, please use this trick
at your ouwn risk, Olexhome will not be held
responsible if it goes sideways.

MTN Credit/Airtime Cheat Short
Code To Clear MTN Borrowed
Credit Or Airtime

4. ADD Child Number
The MTN short code is to easily add Child
Number and clear your debt is

Then input the number of the SIM you want to
clear its debt, that's the Child Number.
That's it, enjoy it while it last because I feel it
may not last long before its blocked. The sum
of 50 will b deducted for each cleared debt.
This is the latest Mtn Airtime Cheat 2019 to
clear any amount of airtime borrowed.