However, research shows that there are a lot of
places where you shouldn’t keep your phone for
extended periods of time, since it may actually
end up damaging your health or your phone.

Here are 7 places to avoid putting your phone:

1. Your Back Pocket
There are a number of reasons why keeping your
phone in your back pocket is a terrible idea. First
of all, it’s very easy to forget about your phone
when it’s in your back pocket, which could cause
you to break it, lose it, or even dial somebody by
accident. It could also disrupt your circulation,
resulting in you feeling pain in your legs or

2. Your Bra
While not all scientists are in full agreement about
this one, some of them warn that placing a cell
phone inside your bra may increase your risk of
getting breast cancer.

3. Against Your Skin
When talking on your cell phone, try to keep your
device at least 0.5 to 1.5cm away from your face.
This is because by touching your face with your
phone, you’ll be transferring loads of nasty
bacteria, as well as increasing the amount of
electromagnetic radiation your skin absorbs.

4. Under Your Pillow
There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t
store your phone under your pillow. Radiation may
cause you to experience dizziness or headaches,
and if your screen lights up with each notification
you receive, your melatonin production may also
end up being disrupted. 

If you want a good
night’s sleep, then keep your cell phone far away
from your pillow!
5. On Your Hip
According to scientists, carrying your cell phone
close to your thigh or hip can make your hip
bones weaker, especially if carried like this for
months or years on end.
6. In a Stroller
Moms who are in a hurry often place their cell
phones in baby strollers. However, some
researchers claim that doing so may actually lead
to young children developing certain behavioral
issues, such as ADHD and hyperactivity.

7. On a Charger
While leaving your cell phone charging all night
long won’t harm your health, it’ll significantly
reduce the battery’s efficiency and reduce your
phone’s lifespan. If you can’t afford to replace
your phone anytime soon, then make sure you
unplug it as soon as it finishes charging.