Noise-canceling AirPods
3 and Apple’s AR glasses
could be here sooner
than we thought

AirPods 3 rumors abound after clues
spotted in iOS 13.2 beta point to a new
in-ear design, plus Apple’s AR glasses
might get a 2020

Apple's AirPods have been a runaway success,
but a new version with a new design may be
close to launching with features like noise
cancellation and water resistance.

 In this
week's Apple Core roundup we look at all the
latest rumors about the AirPods 3 and as a
bonus check on the status of Apple's long-
awaited AR glasses.

AirPods 3: Water resistance,
noise cancellation and a better
We've heard plenty of rumors about the
supposed next-generation AirPods (or AirPods
3) throughout 2019. 

Thanks to a new image
spotted in the iOS 13.2 beta by 9to5Mac, we
now have a better idea of what the AirPods 3
might look like.

The glyph discovered in the beta shows two
wireless earbuds with what looks to be
interchangeable tips. 

Some users have noted
that the current AirPods don't sit securely in-ear
because of their one-size-fits-all approach.
Swappable tips could make them fit better in
the ear, plus have the added benefit of
blocking out some external noise. The current
version AirPods let in a lot of external sound.

After the image was discovered, plenty of
designers went to work on renders of what the
AirPods 3 might look like. This render from
Michael Rieplhuber on Twitter shows a slightly
more compact design than the AirPods we
have now, featuring interchangeable rubber tips
and a larger earbud size.

Another render from Phone Industry is
somewhat similar, with a more rounded earbud
and shorter stem.

As for noise canceling, the main clues we have
come from the same 9to5Mac report that
found a reference to something called "focus
mode" in internal iOS code. It seems likely that
you would be able to turn this mode on or off
to activate or deactivate noise cancelling.

To add more credence to the rumors, Brian
Roemmele on Twitter posted a link to an Apple
USPTO filing from Oct. 1, 2019 called "Earbud
stability anchor feature" that appears to show
an AirPod with a swappable tip.

Last month, images that appeared on
SlashLeaks claimed to show the shell and case
of the new AirPods, which look somewhat
similar to that image in the iOS 13.2 beta.

The best part about all these rumors? If you're
really keen to be ahead of the curve, you can
already buy protective silicone cases on
Amazon for the AirPods 3.

While the current version AirPods aren't
officially IP rated for any sort of water
resistance, we've done our own informal water
test with the AirPods and found that they are
actually a lot more durable than you might
Apple's AR glasses ready for
2020 launch?
First reported by CNET's Shara Tibken in
August 2018, Apple's AR headset may be
inching closer to release. A note from TF
Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says they could
arrive in the second quarter of 2020.

We know Apple has been heavily invested in
developing ARKit for mobile devices, but the
glasses themselves have been a closely-
guarded secret. Kuo says the headset would be
positioned as an iPhone accessory and it
would work first and foremost as a display.
It makes sense that Apple would be taking a
wait-and-see approach especially given
competitors like Magic Leap, Microsoft and
Google have not seen consumers pick them up
in big numbers.

The Magic Leap One.
Kuo's note also mentions these glasses are
being built with third-party brands, perhaps in a
similar way to how Facebook is working with
Ray-Ban for its frames code-named Orion.

Also launching this fall is the new version of
Snap Spectacles 3. With much more of an AR
focus than the previous versions, the
groundwork is being laid for a fully augmented
glasses future.

iPhone SE 2 and iPad Pro

Let's not forget the iPhone SE 2. Oh wait, we're
too late. Anyway, according to Kuo, the phone
will likely get an update to the new A13 Bionic
chip and have the same (or very similar)
design as the iPhone 8. It could also be a lot
cheaper than the recently released iPhone 11,
which starts at $699. Kuo thinks the SE2 could
cost $399, which would put it in the same
price bracket as the Google Pixel 3A.

As for a new iPad Pro, we may also see it in
the same release time frame as the iPhone SE
2 next year. The same report estimates arrival
in the first or second quarter of 2020. 

MacRumors reports, it may have a rear 3D
time-of-flight camera, which may also help with
AR. Time of flight sensors can generate
detailed depth maps of rooms and objects
within them.

 Phones such as the Samsung
Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Huawei P30 Pro use
them for scanning 3D objects, or creating
better-looking portrait mode photos