Unfortunately, the offer is SIM-selective and
random at the same time. This means, not
everyone eligible for this offer.

To check your eligibility status, dial *131*100#
(make sure you don’t have up to N100 on the
Sim at that moment). Then, select the option you

To activate the MTN 1GB offer;
Recharge your MTN Sim with N100, then dial

You get the prompt to subscribe for the 1GB, and
that’s about it! You get the 1GB and you’re good
to go!

Getting 1GB data for N100 with 30 days validity
is really, really cheap and everyone will love to
benefit from it, but it is a pity that it is SIM-
selective; you might not get it regardless of if the
SIM is old or new.

If you’re eligible, it’s really a good value to have;
if you aren’t eligible with your old SIM, you can
give a new MTN SIM trial.
Please let us know if you are eligible for this
amazing data offer via the comment box.